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My friend broadwaybuff_x3 and I have started an online cast recording community called maricole_record, and our first production is Wicked!  I urge you to join the community, because we update frequently, and keep you posted on everything! 

We are currently casting for Elphaba, Fiyero, and Nessarose. Audition submission requirements are posted in the community. We urge everyone to audition, and have a blast with this, as we will! 
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It makes me sad that this community never really took off.  Maybe I should start doing stuff in it.

But for now I need to promote my new icon community!

click the banner and join it!!!  Tell people about it!!
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Just wanted to say hi! I'm Marissa and I started this nifty little community! Except I'm really new to this community thing and I need lots and lots of help.

First order of business: establish the rules and everything and get a layout. oh and establish the exact point of this community. Anyone want to help with the first two?

I'll take the liberty of explaining the third. This is a community for rent and wicked fanmixes. I'm sure you know what that is. It's basically a mixtape (or in this case an bunch of mp3s) that have something to do with a certain fandom. Also, if you're a good singer (which I am not) and you have recordings of yourself singing songs from either rent or wicked, you can post those as well. Oh and you can talk about these two amazing shows if you want, but let's keep the focus primarily on fanmixes, 'kay? Good!

Comment back letting me know if you can help!
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I'm Mickey. Just thought I'd introcue myself. I've seent the RENT movie like 80 zillion times, and I've seen the actual musical once.
I saw Wicked in LA once with Stephanie J. Block, amd NYC twice with Shoshana Bean. Fun stuff.
Who has seen Julia Murney? I know her from the Wild Party, and she rocks.